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City of Larkspur's Parks Donation Program Application

  1. City of Larkspur’s Parks Donation & Memorial Program Application Form

    Thank you for your interest in supporting our Parks Donation Program! Please provide the following information: 

  2. I would like to donate the following:*
  3. A maximum 4 lines of text and 50 characters per line for benches or / and 80 characters per line for tables.

  4. If you have a desired park or trail in mind, please indicate your request below. We will try to accommodate your request, however, final location will be at the discretion of the Directors of Public Works.

  5. Acknowledgement — By signing below, I understand that:
    • I have read and fully understand the attached Policies & Guidelines of the Parks Donation Program.
    • The City makes all final decisions, including but not limited to, installation location and scheduling, and style of the donation item.
    • All language used on plaques is subject to approval.
    • This application must be approved prior to acceptance of the donation.
  6. Completed application may be submitted by email (  or mail (400 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur, 94939). Allow 14 days for approval.


  8. City of Larkspur’s Parks Donation & Memorial Program Policies and Guidelines

    The intent of the policies and guideline for the Parks Donation & Memorial Program (the “Program”) is to create a program that is flexible and responsive to the needs of our community’s donors, while balancing the need to benefit the City’s parks and trail system. 


    1. Donor may request a desired installation location for the donation item (benches, picnic tables, or refuse-recycle receptacle) and the City will work with the Donor to accommodate the request. The final decision, however, regarding location and placement must be consistent with the Piper Park Master Plan, the Mini-Parks Action Plan, the General Plan and/or as approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission.    

    2. Donated items are not intended to be a memorial in perpetuity, therefore, after the original donation period and one-time renewal option (if applicable), the location shall be made available to other potential donors who wish to memorialize or commemorate their loved ones.  If the location is still available after a period of five years, the Donor may enter into a new donation agreement.

    3. BENCH/RECEPTABLES  - the donation period for wood benches and receptacles is 10 years. There is a one-time renewal option of an additional 10 years. Should the Donor wish to exercise this option, the Donor will be required to donate a new bench and initiate a new donation agreement.  The cost of the renewal term shall be the current cost of the donation item minus the cost of the existing plaque.   

    4. TABLES—the donation period for concrete picnic tables is 20 years with no renewal option.   

    5. The City shall maintain or replace a damaged or stolen donation item once during the first ten (10) years.  Additional replacements of a memorial item or plaque, or replacement beyond the ten year period, will be subject to a subsequent donation, or the damaged donation item and plaque will be removed. The donation amount shall be updated periodically to keep pace with inflation and to cover actual maintenance and repair costs.  

    6. At 12 months prior to the expiration of the donation period, a notice will be sent to the Donor at the address provided on the donation agreement to inform the Donor of the expiration date.  Anytime after the expiration date, the City may remove the donated item and plaque. Plaques which have been removed and unclaimed will be stored for one year at the Public Works Department, after which time the City will have no obligation to return or continue to store the plaque. 

    7. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the City, all commemorative benches and plaques that have been installed prior to March 4, 2015 shall be removed when the donation item has reached the end of its useful life.  The Public Works Maintenance Superintendent shall have final determination of when an item has reached this point and/or poses a public health and safety issue. 

    8. The Public Works Director and the Donor will complete and sign a Program’ s Donation and Maintenance Agreement. 


    9. Commemorative plaques installed on donation items must be for an individual or a purpose that is non controversial with text that is appropriate for display in a public place, and approved by the Director of Public Works. Text that in any way markets a product or service shall not be permitted. 


    10. It is the responsibility of the Donor to notify and update the Public Works Department of current contact information (i.e. change of address, phone, or email) during the donation period.  


    11. Payments for donation items received by the City shall be placed in a revenue and expenditure account reserved for the Program. All purchases and expenditures for donation items and plaques shall be made from this account. At the end of each year, the funds that are not used for this program will be carried over into the next budget year to cover any maintenance, repair, or replacement required by the Program. 

    12. The Public Works Department will inventory, date, and maintain a listing of donation items furnishings and plaques. 


    13. Any disputes regarding the operation of the Program will be resolved by the Public Works Director. 

    14. The City Manager will be the final source of appeal for any disputes regarding this program, and any additional appeal or complaint process, whether in court or otherwise, is expressly waived by Donor. 

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