Public Works Project Updates

City Projects Under Construction (updated 11/08/2021)

Bon Air Road Bridge Replacement project 

The final bridge deck pour was completed on October 23. Work continues with stripping forms from the deck pour, erecting bridge railings, paving bridge approach slabs, intersection signal improvements at South Eliseo Dr/Bon Air Rd. and removal of the temporary trestle. Future work will include repaving and improvements to Bon Air Rd.

Corte Alejo (Via La Paz) Storm Drain Improvements

The replacement by-pass storm drain was completed earlier this year. The old pipes have been removed from the hillside. Additional work is scheduled including improvements to minor hillside drainage.

Measure B Group 3 Pavement Rehabilitation

Paving work is complete and a completion notice is scheduled for City Council consideration on November 17.

Sir Francis Drake Pavement Repair (Del Monte to Drakes Cove Road)

Staff is reviewing the final bid documents prior to advertising for public construction bids. It is likely that this work will be scheduled to occur late Spring 2022 at night and that detours will be established during those work hours.

Hillview Storm Drain Improvements

Construction is delayed again due to a materials supply issue and weather. There are several utility conflicts that require MMWD, RVSD, and PG&E to relocate or adjust utilities that will be occurring prior to or concurrent with the Contractor returning to the site.

Doherty Drive Rule 20A Utility Undergrounding

PG&E has notified the City that this project is progressing to the Construction phase. We anticipate undergrounding work to start within a month pending the securing of a final easement for the project. There will be traffic delays on Doherty Drive during construction hours. The Contractor will not be allowed to block traffic lanes during school drop off and pick up periods.

Magnolia ADA improvements (Ward Street to King Street)

The final bid documents will be presented to City Council for approval at the November 17 City Council meeting. The project does not include widened sidewalks as was contemplated, but does include complete removal and replacement to ADA standards of all sidewalks on Magnolia Avenue between Ward and King Streets. This project is scheduled for construction in early 2022.

Park Way Storm Drain Improvements

Staff is completing surveying the existing storm drain system and finalizing design for the storm drain improvements. Construction funding and schedule has not been finalized at this time.

Piper Park Improvements

Construction work for a performance platform (stage) at the Picnic Area and improvement of the second volleyball court are complete. Construction of shade sails at the picnic area is scheduled for later this summer/fall.

Niven Park Improvements

Staff is working with a consultant on preliminary plans for improvements based on the feedback received at earlier outreach efforts.

Hamilton Park Improvements

This project is on hold.

Redwood Highway (North) Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements (NS Greenway extension)

Staff is working with Clatrans Office of Local Assistance to secure the funding and process all the paperwork that accompanies the federal funding on this project. Construction is anticipated in late summer 2022. This project will add a new class 1 bike path on the west side of Old Redwood Highway from the termination of the current Caltrans project on the off-ramp to the pedestrian 101 overcrossing.

Measure B Group 4 Pavement Rehabilitation

Design work is underway on the final paving project of the City's Measure B Paving Plan. Paving should occur in May-August of 2022 and will include most streets south of downtown, in Baltimore Canyon, all of Magnolia Avenue, most of Doherty Drive and South Eliseo Drive. 

Crosswalks Improvements Project

Minor improvements have been initiated including new markings and signs at select locations. A second phase of the project, which may include more substantial improvements is under design development.

Upper Elm Pathway Improvements

Staff has authorized the survey work, needed to develop alternatives for improvements.

LED Streetlight Retrofit Project

Staff is finalizing the contract with the selected consultant/vendor.