Streets in Larkspur Jurisdiction

Streets in Larkspur Jurisdiction (Including Greenbrae streets under Larkspur's jurisdiction)

L - continued
Acacia Avenue, Larkspur
Dartmouth Drive, Larkspur
Liberty Street, Larkspur Sandy Creek Way, Larkspur
Ajax Street, Larkspur
Diane Lane, Larkspur
Lincoln Village Circle, Larkspur Scott Lane, Larkspur
Alexander Avenue, Larkspur
Doherty Drive, Larkspur
Locust Avenue, Larkspur Scott Place, Greenbrae
Altura Way, Greenbrae*
Drakes Cove Court, Larkspur
Loma Vista Avenue, Larkspur
Shady Lane, Larkspur
Arbor Street, Larkspur
Drakes Cove Road, Larkspur
Lower Via Casitas, Greenbrae Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Greenbrae
Arch Street, Larkspur Drakes Landing, Greenbrae M
Skylark Drive, Larkspur
Ardmore Road, Larkspur Drakes View Circle, Greenbrae Madrone Avenue, Larkspur South Eliseo Drive, Greenbrae
Drakes Way, Larkspur Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur South Green Court, Larkspur
Baltimore Avenue, Larkspur E
Marina Vista Avenue, Larkspur Stanford Court, Larkspur
Barry Way, Greenbrae E. Sir Francis Drake, Greenbrae Mark Place, Greenbrae Sunrise Lane, Larkspur
Bayo Vista Avenue, Larkspur Echo Place, Larkspur Meadowood Drive, Larkspur Sycamore Avenue, Larkspur
Bayview Avenue, Larkspur Eden Lane, Larkspur Midway Road, Larkspur T
Birch Avenue No. 200-207, Larkspur
Edgewater Place, Larkspur Millard Road, Larkspur Tamalpais Avenue, Larkspur
Boardwalk No. 1, Larkspur
Eliseo Drive, Greenbrae* Monte Vista Avenue, Larkspur Taylor Lane, Larkspur
Bon Air Center, Greenbrae
Elizabeth Circle, Greenbrae Murray Avenue, Larkspur Tulane Drive, Larkspur
Bon Air Road, Larkspur
Elm Avenue, Larkspur Murray Lane, Larkspur U
Bond Street, Larkspur
El Portal Drive, Greenbrae Myrtle Avenue, Larkspur Upper Ardmore Rd., Larkspur
Branch Avenue, Larkspur
Escalle Avenue, Larkspur
N Upper Briar Road, Larkspur
Bretano Way, Greenbrae*
Escalle Lane, Larkspur
Niven Way, Larkspur Upper Via Casitas, Greenbrae
Briar Road, Larkspur*
Estelle Avenue, Larkspur*
North Almenar Drive, Greenbrae* V
Bridge Road, Larkspur
O Valley Way, Larkspur
Fire Trail Road, Larkspur
Oak Road, Larkspur Via Barranca, Greenbrae
Camellia Circle, Larkspur
Frances Avenue, Larkspur
Old Quarry Road, Larkspur Via Belardo, Greenbrae
Camellia Court, Larkspur
Olive Avenue, Larkspur Via Casitas, Greenbrae
Cane Street, Larkspur
Garden Way, Larkspur
Onyx Court, Larkspur
Via Cheparro, Greenbrae*
Cedar Avenue, Larkspur
Glen Way, Larkspur
Onyx Street, Larkspur
Via Hermosa, Greenbrae
Chanticleer Street, Larkspur
Greenbrae Boardwalk, Greenbrae*
Opal Street, Larkspur
Via Hidalgo, Greenbrae
Chateau Road, Larkspur
Gregory Place, Greenbrae
Orange Avenue, Larkspur
Via Holon, Greenbrae
Chevy Chase Court, Larkspur
Gretchen Place, Greenbrae
Orchid Drive, Larkspur
Via La Brisa, Greenbrae
Cielo Drive, Greenbrae
Owlswood Drive, Larkspur
Via La Cumbre, Greenbrae
Coleman Avenue, Larkspur
Harvard Drive, Larkspur
Via La Paz, Greenbrae
College Avenue, Larkspur*
Hatzic Court, Larkspur
Palm Avenue, Larkspur
Via Lerida, Greenbrae
College Court, Larkspur
Hawkins Way, Larkspur
Palm Court, Larkspur
Via Navarro, Greenbrae
Cornell Avenue, Larkspur
Hawthorne Avenue, Larkspur
Park Way, Larkspur
Vine Street, Larkspur
Corte Alejo, Greenbrae
Hazel Avenue, Larkspur
Parkside Way, Greenbrae

Heather Way, Larkspur
Paseo Way, Greenbrae
Walnut Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Baristo, Greenbrae
Highland Court, Larkspur
Pepper Avenue, Larkspur
Ward Street, Larkspur
Corte Del Bayo, Larkspur

Piedmont Court, Larkspur
West Baltimore Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Del Coronado, Larkspur
Holcomb Avenue, Larkspur
Piedmont Road, Larkspur
West Myrtle Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Del Norte, Greenbrae
Holly Avenue, Larkspur
Polhemus Way, Larkspur
William Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Encanto, Greenbrae
I, J & K
Post Street, Larkspur
Willow Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Fedora, Greenbrae
Industrial Way, Larkspur
Wilson Way, Larkspur
Corte Gracitas, Greenbrae
Jones Way, Larkspur
Ranch Lane, Larkspur
Wiltshire Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Lenosa, Greenbrae
King Street, Larkspur
Redwood Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Loyola, Greenbrae
Redwood Highway, Greenbrae*
Yale Avenue, Larkspur
Corte Oriental, Greenbrae
La Cuesta Drive, Greenbrae*
Rice Lane, Larkspur
Corte Ortega, Greenbrae
Laderman Lane, Greenbrae
Rich Street, Greenbrae
Altura Way  - #30 and up
Corte Placida, Greenbrae
Lark Court, Larkspur
Ridgeway Lane, Larkspur
Bretano Way - #300 and up
Corte Precita, Greenbrae
Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur
Riviera Circle, Larkspur
Briar Road – #42, 43, 49, 55, 74
Corte Ramon, Greenbrae
Larkspur Plaza Drive, Larkspur
Rose Lane, Larkspur
College Avenue - #636 only
Corte Real, Greenbrae
La Rosa Way, Larkspur

Eliseo - #10, 100 and up
Corte Solano, Greenbrae
Laurel Avenue, Larkspur

Estelle – 15, 27, 33, 40, 41, 77
Corte Toluca, Greenbrae

Greenbrae Boardwalk - #18 and 19 only
Creek View Circle, Larkspur

Hillcrest  - up to #99
Cross Creek Place, Larkspur

La Cuesta – #30 and up
Crystal Creek Court, Larkspur

N. Almenar – #270, 278, 300 and up

Redwood Hwy – #2000-2170

Upper Briar Road - #60 and 62 only

Via Cheparro - #35 and up

For further verification, you may call the City of Larkspur at (415) 927-5038 or email at