LARC Planning Committee Resource Page

The following items are a collection of articles and links provided to the Committee by staff or members of the Committee. They are materials that were deemed interesting to share and are not official working materials of the Committee.

"America's Facebook Generation Is Reading Strong" on NPR

Libraries of the Future” in Marin Magazine

"Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits" by Pew Research

"Why Libraries Still Matter"

"Education chief wants textbooks to go digital" - Marin IJ, 10/2/12

"After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses" - NY Times, 3/13/12

"No Surprise, eReader Use Continues to Grow" by Harris Interactive

"Newsweek ceasing print edition in US, going all-digital" on

"eReaders, eBooks More Popular Than Ever, Survey Finds" on Huffington Post

"The rise of e-reading" by Pew Research

"Books Under Glass: The Many Faces of E-Readers" on

"What Is the Role of Libraries in the Age of E-Books and Digital Information?" by PBS

"Broderbund classicss are about to be revised" by Janis Mara

"Check These Out at the Library: Blacksmithing, Bowling, Butchering" by Owen Fletcher

"The Rise and Fall of eReaders" by Tim Smith
"Tablet shipments to outshine notebooks this year, says report" by Lance Whitney

"Don't Burn Your Books - Print is Here to Stay" by Nicholas Carr

"In the Future, Will Libraries Look More Like Apples Stores?" by Zak Stone

"Libraries Change to Accommodate Changing Times" by Judy Thompson

"Library Services in the Digital Age" by Kathryn Zickuhr, Lee Rainie, and Kristen Purcell

"No-Book Library? BiblioTech is Coming" by Joanna Stern

"S.F. Library Eyes Laptop-lending Kiosks" by Neal J. Riley

"Library that Holds No Books" by Miguel Bustillo

"Should Libraries Shush?" by Kathryn Zickuhr

American Library Association (ALA)

American Library Association website

Library eBook Survey (hosted by Overdrive and ALA)

"Checking out the Future: Perspectives from the Library Community on Information Technologies and 21st Century Libraries" by Jennifer C. Hendrix

Focus Groups and Technical Meetings
Focus groups/technical meetings were conducted with the Historic Preservation Board, Parks & Recreation Commission, Library Advisory Board, and Parks & Recreation Director for input on community needs and opportunities for the Community Facilities Parcel Master Plan.

Meeting Minutes

Background Information
The following items are city documents relevant to the Committee's work.

2050 Plan

Library Needs Assessment by Library Foundation