Larkspur SMART Station Area Plan

City Council Adopts Resolution to Conclude Station Area Plan Process

Following the closure of the public comment period for the Draft EIR on June 2, the City Council held a public workshop on June 18, 2014 at which they voted unanimously to stop the Station Area Plan process in consideration of the myriad of community concerns with the effort. The Council formalized this action with adoption of Resolution 39/14 on July 16, 2014, which also directed City staff to restart the General Plan Update process.

For information on the upcoming General Plan Update process, please visit the General Plan Update webpage. City staff are in the midst of preparing a draft work plan for the update that will be presented to the City Council at a future Council meeting for action. Keep your eyes peeled on the City calendar for announcements of future meeting dates and subscribe to the General Plan Update Notify Me list to receive e-notifications.

Resolution 39/14 directs City staff to reform the General Plan Update Citizen Advisory Committee to review the Draft Station Area Plan and provide recommendations on any policies or proposals that would be worthy of consideration by the community and Council during the General Plan Update.

Draft Station Area Plan and EIR Documents

Information on the Draft SMART Station Area Plan and other supporting documents can be viewed here
Draft Larkspur SMART Station Area Plan

Complete Document

Individual Chapters

Complete SMART Station Area Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Individual Chapters

I. Introduction

II. Summary

III. Project Description

IV. Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures

V. Alternatives
VI. Other CEQA Considerations
VII. Report Preparation


Appendix A. NOP and Scoping Letters
Appendix B. Transportation Data (Large file; allow time to download)
Appendix C. Air Quality and Climate Change Data
Appendix D. Noise Modeling
Appendix E. Infrastructure Needs

General Plan Update/SMART Station Area Plan CAC

The GPU/SAP CAC were appointed by the Larkspur City Council to provide policy direction and feedback on the Larkspur SMART Station Area Plan, host public meetings, and identify the preferred land use/circulation scenario for the SMART station area. The CAC held seven public meetings during the Station Area Plan process, beginning in May 2012 and concluding their work in June 2013.
Please visit the meeting archives below to view past meeting agendas and minutes.

View Agendas Archive | View Minutes Archive

What is SMART?

Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) is a planned 70-mile commuter rail line and multi-use path stretching from Cloverdale (Sonoma County) to Larkspur at Larkspur Landing. The rail line and the multi-use path are intended to provide alternative transportation options to Highway 101, which is often congested during peak morning and evening commute hours. The Larkspur SMART Station will be located in Larkspur Landing, directly east of Highway 101 and adjacent to the Cal Park Hill Tunnel multi-use pathway.

Station Area Planning Grant

In May 2011, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments awarded a station area planning grant to the City of Larkspur to develop a Station Area Plan. The goals of this grant program are to promote transit ridership, reduce vehicle usage, increase housing supply (particularly affordable housing) near station areas, increase jobs near transit corridors and locate key services and retail within station areas throughout the Bay Area.

Planning Grant Documents 

For questions regarding the planning process, please email or call the Planning Department at (415) 927-5038.