Central Larkspur Specific Plan (CLASP)


The CLASP (adopted in 2006 by Resolution 48/06) proposes a mix of residential, retail, recreation, cultural, and civic uses in three subareas to contribute to the vitality of the Downtown area of the City. Subarea 1 is comprised of the Nazari property, the American Legion Hall and the City parking lot and Doherty Park. Subarea 2 contains the Larkspur Plaza shopping center and the gas station. Subarea 3 is the former Niven Nursery site, now the Rose Garden development.

CLASP Timeline


Plan Amendments & Project Proposals

Environmental Review Documents

The Final EIR for the CLASP was adopted in November 2004. The bulk of the document addresses comments received on the Revised Draft EIR (see below).

Final EIR, November 2004

Addendums to Final EIR - Rose Lane,  Subarea 3

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Complete Document

Final EIR (LARGE FILE SIZE; Allow time for download)

Individual Chapters

Responses to Comments on the Draft EIR (LARGE FILE SIZE; Allow time for download)
Revisions to Draft EIR
References and Document Preparers

Revised Draft EIR, November 2003

Complete Document

Revised Draft EIR (LARGE FILE SIZE; Allow time for download)

Individual Chapters

Project Description
Executive Summary
Environmental Impact Analysis:
Land Use and Planning
Population and Housing
Geology and Soils
Hydrology and Water
Biological Resources
Air Quality
Traffic and Circulation
Public Services and Utilities
Visual Quality and Aesthetics
Historic, Cultural, and Archeological Resources
Hazards and Hazardous Materials
Other CEQA Mandated Sections
Report Preparation