Human Resources

City of Larkspur Employment and Compensation Information

ADA / Equal Opportunity Employer

 The City of Larkspur is an ADA / equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage and invite all persons regardless of age, gender, race, ethnic origin, creed, or physical disability to apply for available positions. 

*In addition to the stipends found in the Municipal Code, the Mayor and Members of the City Council have the option to enroll in the City's medical coverage in the same manner as a full time employee.  Mayor and Members of the City Council are reimbursed for qualifying out-of-pocket expenses pursuant to all adopted policies governing reimbursement of employees.

Job Opportunities

City of Larkspur job postings and applications can be accessed here Job Opportunities

Police services for Larkspur are provided by the Central Marin Police Authority. Open positions at CMPA can be accessed here.

Fire services are provided by Central Marin Fire. Open positions at Central Marin Fire can be accessed here.