Remote Meeting Access

August 9, 2022, City Council Meeting Remote Access


  • Join the meeting via Zoom at:
  • Or, call into the meeting:
    +1 669-444-9171
    Webinar ID: 879 5751 5575
  • Dial *67 before calling into the meeting if you do not wish your phone number to be shown on the screen when giving public comment.

A recording of the meeting will be available to the public on the City’s YouTube page as soon as possible after the meeting.


  • Emailing
  • Selecting the Raise Hand Icon in the Zoom platform, or dialing *9 if you have called into the meeting, to add yourself to the speaker queue during the meeting.
    Your raised hand will alert the City Clerk that you would like to make a public comment on that item. When the Mayor calls for public comment, the City Clerk will unmute your line and call your name at which point you may make your comments. If you are calling into the meeting and do not wish your phone number to be displayed when providing public comment, dial *67 before calling into the meeting. If you are joining the meeting via Zoom on either a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the Raise Hand icon will be at either the bottom or top of your screen, depending on the device. Click here for more information on how to raise your hand during the webinar.