Fixing Our Roads 

  • List of Streets
  • Remaining Streets to be Paved:
    • Monte Vista Ave & King St
      • TBD; delayed subject to completion of PG&E gas line lowering project


CalRecycleEach year, Californians generate approximately 40 million scrap tires. The City of Larkspur is doing its part to help divert some of those tires from landfills by using recycled tires for road repaving projects. The benefits of rubberized asphalt include improved durability, reduced maintenance demand, longer service life, safety improvements from enhanced visibility due to reduction of splash and spray and increased visibility of traffic striping, and quieter roads.Done Editing

The City of Larkspur received a grant from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to utilize recycle rubber tires to complete the final surface paving of the East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Magnolia Avenue paving projects. It is anticipated that 22,451 tires will be recycled for this project, saving those tires from going to landfills as waste.  

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This year’s project is being funded primarily with Measure B sales tax revenue, as well as vehicle impact fees, gas tax monies and utility coordination fees.

Pavement Management - Background Information

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Fixing Our Roads FAQ's

If you have not been able to find the answers to your questions, please click on the links for more information:

Larkspur Pavement Management Plan FAQ's
Frequently Asked Questions About Measure B
Frequently Asked Questions About Road Repair


Measure B Ballot Language
Council Policy

Need more Information?

If you need additional information regarding Measure B, please contact the City at 415-927-5017, or email

Please also feel free to contact the Public Works department directly at 415-927-5017 or

Questions? Feedback? Concerns?

For more information about this year's paving project, please contact Alvin Tan, Project Manager, at 415-496-2403 or

Road Repairs Recently Completed

Moratorium Street List

The following list and map identify the street repairs recently completed. This list also serves as the City's moratorium street list. Per the Larkspur Municipal Code §15.32.070, no excavation or pavement cutting shall be permitted on newly paved roads for a period of five years.

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Your Patience is Appreciated!

We want to repair every road in Larkspur, but that will take time and money.  In a given year, roads are selected by evaluating:

  • their level of deterioration;
  • how heavily they are used;
  • and whether there is an opportunity to partner with utilities and other entities that want to do road work in the area. Partnering with utilities allows us to get a road repaired for fewer Larkspur dollars, leaving more money to spend on other roads.

Thank you for your support and continued patience!


Larkspur Residents Want Pothole Relief (2017)

Recent survey gives City good job ratings, comprehensive input on resident priorities

 A recently-commissioned independent survey shows residents in the City of Larkspur give the City good job performance ratings, and want the City to accelerate street, road and pothole repair as its top priority.

The survey, conducted February 17th– March 1st 2017 by the respected firm of FM3 Research, was commissioned to assess current resident perspectives on community priorities and service needs.  Respondents continue to give the City consistently positive overall job ratings, with a strong majority of more than 2 to 1 giving the Larkspur excellent or good performance rankings. 

As much as 85% of respondents identified “repairing streets, roads and potholes,” as being the top priority, followed by maintaining police/fire protection and 911/emergency response services and repairing storm drains to prevent contaminated spills into the Bay.

“We greatly appreciate the time our residents took to give us this important feedback,” said Larkspur City Manager Dan Schwarz. “Our goal is to incorporate these perspectives into this year’s budget planning process so our financial strategies reflect the community’s priorities.”

Said Public Works Director Julian Skinner, “I am not surprised by this helpful input from our public.  When I am out in the community, people tell me they want the City to make pothole and road repairs faster—and I agree.  Doing so prevents further deterioration and lowers our future maintenance costs.  Unfortunately, many of Larkspur’s neighborhood streets are still riddled with cracks and potholes and we must address these hazardous conditions so our motorists, public transit, and public safety vehicles are not at risk.”

The City commissioned the survey to get input on resident satisfaction with city services, service priorities, and community perspectives on renewing voter-approved local Larkspur funding. The survey indicated the public would support renewal of Larkspur’s existing voter-approved funding program at percentages as high as the low 70 percentiles (for a simple majority requirement measure) to continue to address infrastructure needs and vital services.

The City regularly surveys its residents to measure satisfaction and to gauge community priorities as it relates to City-provided services. The last survey taken was in 2013.

“Police and fire services, pothole/road maintenance and disaster preparedness are essential to maintaining our safety and quality of life,” continued Schwarz. “It’s incredibly helpful to know that residents not only value these services, but want more of them.  We are working on a plan to make accelerating street infrastructure repair our top priority, and we look forward to keeping the community informed.”

Survey Findings Summary

Final Report