Forms and Applications

Form Description
Application for Building Permit
Use this form if you are hiring a licensed contractor.
Application for Building Permit (Owner / Builder)
Use this form if you are acting as an "Owner Builder". Know the risks involved by visiting the Contractors State License Board.
Changes to Issued Permit Form
Use this form to request modifications to an issued, active permit.
Contractor's Business License This application is only for nonresident contractors, for all other business license inquiries please call (415) 927-5024
Encroachment Permit Application & Conditions
An Encroachment permit is required for any work in the public right-of-way such as landscaping, sidewalk repair, debris boxes, etc. Quite often a portion of a driveway or a fence is located in the public right-of-way and not on the owner's private property so before making any repairs or changes that might impact the public right-of-way please contact Larkspur's Public Works Department at (415) 927-5017.
Grading/Hauling Permit
(ESCP) Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
- NEW requirement as of July 2015.
If your project moves 25 or more cubic yards of earth (fill and/or excavation) than this permit is required.
Tree Removal Permit
Any tree, regardless of species, is considered a heritage tree if it measures 50" or more in circumference (measured 2 feet up from grade) and a permit is required for removal.
Construction and Demolition Debris Program instructions and form. Form updated as of 6/12/12 Each person who obtains a building permit for a project shall submit a C&D Diversion Report to the Building Department prior to final inspection. See instructions for more details.
SB 407 Owner Certificate Any single family dwelling, occupied before January 1, 1994 MUST replace all non-compliant water fixtures prior to obtaining a final inspection approval on building permits issued for alterations or improvements.

California Energy Code Update - Requirements

With the adoption of the 2008 California Energy Code in July 2009, there are documentation and process requirements for certain permits effective January 1, 2010. Reroof, window water heater and HVAC permits can be issued over the counter but the below documents must be completed. Without these forms, we will not be able to process your permit the same day.
Please note: The California Energy Commission has all regulations, manuals, and forms available online for residential and commercial projects.