Forms, Applications

Building and Public Works Forms and Applications below. Planning Forms are available here.

Form Description
AC New and Replacement Sample Site Plan Sample site plan. A site plan is required for all new and replacement air conditioning.  HOA approval is required for air conditioning in residences within a Homeowners Association. This sample has the minimum amount of information for a site plan for AC to be submitted to the City of Larkspur.
AC Noise Exterior Mechanical and Other Exterior Equipment This handout explains in more detail HVAC and exterior equipment regulations related to Municipal Code Chapter 9.54.040
Accessibility Hardship Form and Worksheet Accessibility Hardship For and Worksheet.  To be used for commercial tenant improvements.
Address Addition or Change Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and Junior-ADU require the addition of an address.  Parcels without addresses will be assigned in the Planning process.  Address will be change to come into compliance with the Fire Code upon permit submission.
Agent Authorization for Contractors Required when a contractor authorizes an agent to sign for permits and business licenses on their behalf.
Agent Authorization for Property Owners Required when a property owner authorizes an agent to act on their behalf for the purpose of submitting permit applications and taking out permits on a property.
Alternate Materials, Design, Methods of Construction Form Alternate Materials, Design, and Methods of Construction are proposed.
Bath and Kitchen Remodel Checklist Simple, like-for-like bath and kitchen remodel checklist.
Building Permit Application
Use this for all permit applications.  The contractor or contractor's agent is required to sign the form. If the permit is to be issued to the property owner please see the "Owner-Builder Property Package" form. (Download this form to complete and submit it to the Building Department electronically. The "Submit Form" button may not work when viewed in a web browser.)
Building Submittal Checklist Building Submittal Checklist for large projects like a new single family residence or major commercial tenant improvement.  For smaller tenant improvement projects see "Commercial T.I. Submittal Checklist".  For residential kitchen and bath remodels see "Kitchen and Bath (Bath and Kitchen) Remodel Checklist"
CALGreen Non-Residential Additions and Alterations CalGreen Non-residential Additions and Alterations.
CALGreen Non-Residential New Construction CalGreen Non-residential New Construction.
CALGreen Residential Additions and Alterations CalGreen Residential Additions and Alterations.
CALGreen Residential New Construction CalGreen Residential New construction.
Code Investigation Request Form Code Investigation Request Form.
Commercial Design Requirements  Design requirements for commercial projects.
Commercial Tenant Improvement Building Submittal Checklist Commercial Tenant Improvement Submittal Checklist. Please note that the owner (owner of the building - not the tenant), or owner's agent is required to provide approval.
Contractors Declarations Workers' compensation, licensed contractor, and lending agency declarations - eTRAKiT
Concurrent Processing Application Concurrent Processing Application.
Construction and Demolition Form and Worksheet C&D to be completed and signed at permit issuance.  
Construction Hours Handout  This handout lists the acceptable days and time for construction noise.
Contractor Business License Application We recommend filing online and not submitting form 
For business license inquiries contact AvenuInsights (866) 240-3665.
Deferred Submittal Form Use this form to have deferred submittal items approved.  Fire sprinklers can be deferred under a separate building permit application.
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Checklist
Encroachment License Agreement Instructions for Property Owners and Insurance Agents When a request is made to the City of Larkspur to encroach in the public right-of-way with new and/or existing private improvements, and Encroachment License Agreement is required.  This handout has instructions, sample agreement, sample submission documents like site plan, and specific instructions for Insurance Agents as to the specific insurance requirements for Encroachment License Agreements.
Encroachment Permit Application & Conditions
An Encroachment permit is required for any work in the public right-of-way such as landscaping, sidewalk repair, debris boxes, no parking etc. Quite often a portion of a driveway or a fence is located in the public right-of-way and not on the owner's private property so before making any repairs or changes that might impact the public right-of-way please contact Larkspur's Public Works Department at (415) 927-5017.
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Package ESCP Erosion Sediment Control Plan handout includes the ESCP template and provides direction and information about erosion and sediment control plan requirements.  ESCP is required for any construction project moving 25 or more cubic yards of earth (fill and/or excavation), including for most swimming pools.
ESCP Template Form ESCP Erosion and Sediment Control Plan form template.  This is just the form that is required to submitted for construction project.  It is also in the ESCP Package above.
Fee Schedule Fiscal Year 2021-2022  Adopted fees for the City of Larkspur.
Grading and Hauling Permit Application If your project moves 25 or more cubic yards of earth (fill and/or excavation) then this permit application is required as part of your construction project submittal.
Homeowners Association - HOA - Permit Authorization Form Homeowners Association Authorization is required at the time the permit is application is submitted for all residential permit applications where the residence is part of an HOA.
Issued Permit Revisions Form Use this form when making changes to an existing, issued permit.
Kitchen and Bath Remodel Checklist Simple, like-for-like kitchen and bath checklist. 
Owner-Builder Property Owner Package Owner-Builder Property Owner Property Package is required, in addition to a building permit application, when a property owner intends to take the permit themselves.
Permit Extension Request Form Permit Extension Request Form is to be used when a permit will expire before the project is completed.  Extensions are subject to review by the Chief Building Official.
Plan Duplication Affidavit Plan Duplication Affidavit is required whenever the reproduction of plans drawn by a licensed design professional is requested.  Section 19851 California Health and Safety Code.
Plan Review Extension Request Form  Plan Review Extension Request Form is to be used when requesting an extension of the expiration of a plan review.  Extensions are subject to review by the Chief Building Official.
Resale Inspection Report Application (Not required for online applications through eTRAKiT) A Resale Inspection is required for all residential real estate sales. The application and payment can be made online in eTRAKiT, or print and mail with a check, or drop off application and check in the box to the right of the front door of City Hall.
Resale Inspection Report Form  A blank version of the form that will be provided after the inspection is completed.
Smoke and CO Alarm Self-Certification Form Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms are required to be inspected when any permit equal to or greater than $1,000 are issued. A self-certification form can be used in certain situations.
Special Inspection Statement Summarizes the special inspections and tests required for certain projects.
Streets in City of Larkspur
 This is a list of all the streets in the City of Larkspur, including those in the Greenbrae neighborhood.
TCO Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Request Form Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) can be issued for certain commercial structures, usually restaurants, to accommodate training.
Tree - Heritage - Removal Permit Application
A Heritage Tree Removal Permit Application is required when proposing removing a "Heritage" tree defined as any tree 50 inches or greater in circumference measure 24 inches above grade. Please refer to Tree - Heritage - Removal Process for information about the application process.
Tree - Heritage - Removal Process Handout This handout outlines the Heritage Tree Removal process.
Water Plumbing Fixture Retrofit Self-Certification Form As of  January 1, 2017 any single-family residential real property (including duplexes) are required to retrofit non-compliant plumbing fixtures. Beginning January 1, 2019 all commercial properties will also be required to retrofit non-compliant plumbing fixtures. This self-certification form is provided for property owners' convenience.
Window Replacement Handout This handout broadly outlines window retrofit requirements.


California Energy Code Update - Requirements

With the adoption of the 2008 California Energy Code in July 2009, there are documentation and process requirements for certain permits effective January 1, 2010. Reroof, window water heater and HVAC permits can be issued over the counter but the below documents must be completed. Without these forms, we will not be able to process your permit the same day.
Please note: The California Energy Commission has all regulations, manuals, and forms available online for residential and commercial projects.